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A Note from the founders:

Thomas Keller states, "Food should be fun," and we couldn't agree more; it's only food. While founding Kulinary Concepts, our vision, which became the company's core purpose, is to create upbeat events where everyone can have fun with food. We wanted to create a company that targets different facets of the kulinary industry; something for everyone, something where everyone can engage and let their hair down. And we think we've done just that. We hope you can come out and enjoy our next event. We look forward to seeing you there.

N. Jeannot & F. Davis

Our Team

You have to be a foodie! This is a prerequisite for being a part of the Kulinary Concepts team. This can't be taught. You have to love to eat. You have to love food.

Each member of our team brings a different ingredient of expertise to Kulinary Concepts. We are fortunate to have Faith A. Davis, the brains and logistics gal of our operation. She is an engineer and a Stanford alumnus. You can expect a flawless event. Randal Hoppman has over 20 years of hospitality experience; we trust that she'll take good care of you. Chef Mark Henry CEC, a CIA graduate, will lead the kulinary side and handpick the restaurants for our events. N. Jeannot our visionary, has an understanding of food that comes from working both front and back of the house positions, in various establishments; from W Hotels to Four Seasons. His vision coupled with kulinary expertise will create events with excellent food that all can experience and enjoy.

Buoyed by our array of skill sets, collective passion for food, and attention to detail, our team is ready to bring something, delightful, delicious, and different to you.

what we do

Have you ever attended a food show where it was so crowded that you didn't get to taste everything? Did you leave unsatisfied? Better yet, have you ever watched the TV series Iron Chef, Chopped, or Top Chef, and wonder If you can ever make that? What the food tastes like? Can they really cook?

Kulinary Concepts is an events innovation company that is fueled by its passion for food. Our goal is to celebrate food in a way that is tangible for you. We are the host of kitchen wars the ultimate restaurant showdown, and will be hosting other food events throughout the year. Stay tuned! If you love food, but prefer a more private setting our team can host events in your home: competitions, cooking classes, or personalize your own.


In home

Want to try something adventurous and exciting? Do you want to relax or have a night in with the ladies? Host a cook off right in your home! Something about competition brings out the best food. Stay in the comfort of your home and let Kulinary Concepts take care of every detail from groceries to clean up. Whatever it is you want to do, give us a call and we´┐Żll make it happen.


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Chefs Classes

We offer cooking classes in the comfort of your home for individuals or groups. Our chefs source the freshest local ingredients to ensure quality in every dish you create. With no time limit, learn as much as you can from your chef, their all yours. Choose one of our featured classes or create your own.

Restaurant Wars

Is a live kulinary competition tour, where you're involved. 5 local restaurants go head to head in the effort to reign supreme. This can't be done without you, an empty stomach and your vote. This competitive event is filled with music, fun, food, demos, breweries, wineries, and more. Check out the map to the right to see when we're in a city near you.


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